Chapter 1. Installation

Table of Contents

Installing an all-in-one bundle on Windows
Installing the GaussSum scripts in Windows
Installing in Linux

This chapter describes how to install and run GaussSum on computers running Windows or Linux. Note that there are two choices for installing in Windows. One is to install an all-in-one bundle of Python/Numeric/PIL/GaussSum (the easier method), the other is to install the GaussSum sources and the required libraries separately.

Installing an all-in-one bundle on Windows

Download the quite large all-in-one bundle from here. Extract the zip file into something like C:\Program Files\GaussSum2.0. To run, just doubleclick on GaussSum.exe. You may find it useful to create a shortcut on your desktop to GaussSum.exe (to do so, right-click on an empty part of the desktop, choose New -> Shortcut, browse to the folder where you installed GaussSum and choose GaussSum.exe). If you want to set a startup folder, right-click on the icon, choose Properties -> Shortcut -> Start in:, and type the name of the startup folder.